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Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed on what to wear for your shoot?

You might have some go-to outfits but do you have dating outfits that will make that special someone click on your picture? Whatever the case may be, it’s so important to pay attention to what your image says about you when it comes to attraction.

Guys do you find it difficult to discover your best style or perfect fit? Wonder what shoes look best with your favorite shirt? With our program we’ll eliminate the guesswork and headaches in styling. You will be paired with a personal stylist to review outfits in advance of your photo session through a 30 minute zoom call. Your stylist will review sizing, color and any gaps from your outfits. If you are missing anything, she can easily assist right then and there.  Let your personal stylist upgrade your style with one, two or three new outfits you can rent for your photo session.  Each outfit is customized to your look and feel then shipped directly to you. Not only will you look great for your photos, but you get to test out the outfits for 10 days.  Best of all, if you love any of the items, simply hold on to them and we will just charge your card.  Return everything else (no cleaning needed) with the prepaid shipping label. Start upgrading your new dating wardrobe today.

For our ladies, once you purchase your photo session, you will be able to upload selfies of outfits from your own closet to our Concierge and she will see if you are ready for your photo session. The Concierge will discuss color and styles appropriate for your body and coloring.  Step out of your box and become the bright colorful you for your photos.

When you feel good in your skin and you market yourself online with an attractive dating image, prospects will notice and be magnetized to that sexy confidence.

Kimmy, a dating and makeover expert, can help you select and create a great dating image makeover with her exclusive Complete Makeover Package. This image and online first impression assessment will provide you the guidance you need to choose the best clothing options for your photoshoot.

Meet Kimmy, LookBetterOnline’s own stylist:

Kimmy Seltzer has a vast knowledge and experience as a certified style coach and has helped people find lasting love and connection, attract success and build valuable relationships using her unique “confidence makeover” process. Using an outside-in approach, Kimmy implements targeted style, emotional and social intelligence in people`s lives using her signature formula.

Complete Virtual Makeover Pricing Package

Do you feel unmotivated to start online dating either because you hate the way you look in clothes or simply don’t know how to dress to attract the opposite sex? Do you wish you had more sexy confidence? Imagine knowing what looks good on your body and having someone help you pick out outfits for your photos and on dates!

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  • 90 minute private recorded video session with our stylist, Kimmy, complete image and online first impression assessment
  • Body analysis including a style guide for men/women to determine flattering styles for your body type
  • Color analysis to see what looks best for your skin and hair color
  • Hand selected suggested outfits for your photo session and dating
  • Online shopping links to several dating looks and outfits
  • Killer Body Image Workbook

Before and After Results


“Thank you, Kim! Something has shifted. Before I was happy to fade into the background. With your help, I came into the awareness that I benefit from being out there flirting. I really feel more now in the flow and I no longer feel like the ugly duckling. I am getting used to be treated like a queen and attracting guys everywhere!” ~Jane

From our Stylist: “When my client came to me she had low body confidence, never felt sexy and was literally hiding in unflattering clothes.  I did a virtual makeover with this client. I taught her about her body type, her colors and what men found sexy. We picked out clothes that flattered her figure. Once she saw herself in her new clothes she couldn’t believe what she saw. She finally started to embody her feminine side. She began to carry herself differently and embraced being more “girly”. She became more comfortable flirting and letting a man into her space.

Sometimes you need to look and feel different in your body in order to change the way you view yourself and that will change the way others view you.”



“My 70 year old client (a widow), was ready to put herself out there again to find a different kind of love. She just needed a little pick me up in her presentation, flirting skills and help owning her sexy feminine side.”

~ Kimmy, Stylist





“It’s not too late to get a reboot to you and your style.  A makeover can shave off years from your attitude and look and make a big difference in the way you present yourself.”

~ Kimmy, Stylist





Before and After Results


“A big lesson about what’s possible when I show up rather than hide. I feel like something big has shifted for me, I’m letting go of my fears and I’m going to be okay with this dating thing. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. It’s hysterical the responses I’m getting from both women and men! People at work keep telling how much they like my new look .. I think it’s the whole package and my new found confidence. Seriously I can’t thank you enough. You are a master! Whew! Thank you so much.” ~ Helene

From our Stylist: “When we worked together, it wasn’t just about getting her sexier clothes but making over her mindset that she IS sexy. She had to see it to believe it. There is nothing sexier then feeling comfortable in your own skin – and that is EXACTLY what happened with this women. She is now attracting men wherever she goes and online with her new photos.”



“I had an awesome experience transforming my image. The first step was going shopping in person with Kimmy, the Stylist.  She helped me pick out clothes that made me look younger, more stylish, and more confident. Glasses frames too, that complimented my look. I’m getting GREAT results with meeting women in person, as a result of my image makeover and that’s been a lot of fun!”


“I wanted to let you know that the clothes are working beautifully. My outfits are really upgraded and much more youthful. Now I understand the problem I had before. You really turned me around when I was headed in the wrong fashion direction.  Thank you! Also making sure I say things about myself and smiling more at men. Success and good progress for me! “


Before and After Results


“Thank you so much Kim. I had SUCH an amazing experience with you. Thank you for working with me. I had no idea I could look this pretty. The first step in knowing I deserve better to see myself as better. “ ~ Julie

From our Stylist: “She learned to step into her power and not just see, but OWN her beauty. She just needed a guide to see it, to believe it and now she has become it.”



“Sometimes small changes make a difference. Although my client wasn’t scared to wear read and had some cute clothes, the fit wasn’t right. She didn’t see how her baggier clothes hid her figure and made her look bigger. Wearing more form fitting outfits made her appear thinner and complemented her tinier frame.”

Kimmy, Stylist

“I want to thank you for helping me with realize that changing the type of clothes I wear would make such a difference. I’m finally getting attraction with the ladies that I always hoped for. Thanks for encouraging me. My confidence is the highest it’s ever been. Now I have more women than days in the week. Thank you so much Ms. Kim.“


Before and After Results


“Working with Kim with my wardrobe was an amazing experience.  She selects clothes that fit me properly, with the right colors for my body type that make me feel masculine and of course made me truly feel sexy as a man!”



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